Club Staff

Beth Reese

General Manager

Beth started here career in the golfing industry in the private sector, working at Brookside Country Club for 7 years. She worked at Berkleigh Golf Club for 3 years when it first opened to the public, but moved to Fox Hollow and worked there for 8 years before returning back to Berkleigh for the 2018 season. She is looking forward to reuniting with old friends & co-workers, and under the direction of Byler Golf Management...she's now making some new ones!

Beth has resided in the Emmaus area for 30 years, and has the cutest 66 pound rescue dog...a mix of boxer and a little pit bull...named Cypris. Photo coming soon! Cypris is afraid of the wind, rain, snow, and his shadow, but we're looking to get him out to the golf course anyway. Editor's Note: Even though Beth seems to like dogs more than people, she's here to make sure your experience at Berkleigh Golf Club is as great as it can be regardless. Make sure you say 'Hi' and provide her all the valuable feedback you can!

Berkleigh Golf Club
14623 Kutztown Road
Kutztown, PA 19530